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L.U.X (Little Universe eXplorer) in the Temple of Shadows is a story of a robot who crashed in an ancient ruin filled with horrors that lurk around every corner. 
It's an isometric adventure game where a scared robot uses the power of light to fight shadowy monsters. Use your flashlight and flares, manage your resources, and find all the fuel cells to get home!

Play with a Xbox controller or mouse and keyboard.
L.U.X is a vertical slice created over 7 weeks at FutureGames, a higher vocational game development education located in Stockholm, Sweden. The people involved are:

Aksel Englund 
Lennart Holmgren 
Nicolina Åkerfelt
Adam Al-Maawali 
Johanna Fransson 
Nomi Bontegard 
Joakim Engholm 
Sara Söderman 
Johan Qvarfordt 
Erik Forsström 
Armand Mirpour 

If you find any bugs or things you think could be improved, leave a comment! We would love to hear from you and your feedback!

Install instructions

1. Download the files.

2. Extract the files.

3. Run "LUX".

4. Enjoy the game!


LUX.zip 434 MB


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We played the game and we enjoyed it ! Thank you for letting us play :) love the graphics and the intro! the concept was interesting as well.

Goofin Group

LUX is such a cute little robot! Awesome game! 

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Enough playing time and most of all, it is fun!! The animated graphics of this game are amazing 👍👍

Thank you for playing our game, I'm glad you liked it!


Very impressive work! The opening movie, while good looking had some performance issues in my case, but luckily the game itself plays well, although with the rear-quarter camera, it might work better with a gamepad where you aren't limited to eight directions. I like the main character's design, it's very sympathetic and the other characters look interesting too. I also liked that unlike the usual shooting-with-a-gun, you get different kind of weapons, or tools, depending on your situation.

I'd like to invite your fine game to take part in our Game Development World Championship!

Thank you for the invitation! We will discuss as a team and make sure to join your competition! If you have time we would love to hear what issues you had with the opening movie, so that we can address it!

Sometimes the picture would freeze for a second or so, if I would guess based on my previous experience, it could be because of memory.

Thanks for considering joining!

Thanks for the feedback. 

I agree that the game works better with gamepad. We designed the game for gamepad but added mouse and keyboard inputs if people without gamepad want to play it.

Did you see that its possible to change inputs? Or do you think that we need to make it more clear to the player that its possible to change inputs?


I had a really good time with this and have loved looking at so many of these games from the same university! You really nailed the atmosphere and brief story setup to give it all context and motivation, the minute to minute gameplay was both tense and satisfying, and it all looked great too! I think a little more audio could have helped a bit, music beyond ambient noise, some other creature effects and such, but it didn't detract all that much overall. Great work!

LUX is adorable. The gameplay is good, and I especially liked the intro artwork & the ship 3D model. LUX 2 2019? ;)